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Excellence is my Superpower;

makes you unforgettable.

I am Belita; a Special Events & Wedding Stylist who loves to create and design beautiful images for people, places and things. Energized by decorating, inspired by fashion and influenced by beautiful colors,  I am a vision enhancer that will catapult an event from ordinary to extraordinary. Taking client’s personal ideas and visions and turning them into reality is what I do best.  If you don’t have a clue or any idea, I can certainly help you solve that dilemma and produce a plan that will motivate exactly what you desire for your special occasion.


With a background, experience and three degrees that each support every area of what I do (Degrees in Fashion, Journalism and Event Management), I am truly the cliche of “Love What You Do and Do What you Love.”  My love for all things beautiful continues and has followed me throughout my entire 20+ years of experience in the Event industry.  It is so exhilarating to see the awe in the eyes of the client after reviewing my event design.  It is rewarding to know all the planning and coordinating produced an enjoyable special day that created memories for family, friends and special guests that last a lifetime.

Founder & CEO

Meet: Belita Butler

Events Above & Beyond reflects the bigger picture, we dial in on the small details that matter most and consistently deliver an unparalleled experience. 

We are a collective of individuals that work to creatively influence positive change for women and actively encourage women to be of witness to the beauty within themselves.

We believe African-American women need representation in the business enterprise arena and are conduits of this vision. The world needs to see our talents, skills, gifts and fully embrace the magnitude of what we have to contribute.

We work in style, quality and as a reliable and assured resource in every aspect of our business. 

A small but mighty team.

We'll bring your vision to life.

The special P's:




Flowers and Chandelier

Portia Butler

Marketing Director

Breea Kelly

Creative & Designer

Jessica Pannell

Special Events Assistant

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