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What are your

COVID-19 protocols?

A lot of the protocols that I adhere to are dictated by the event industry. I, myself am strict about abiding by the rules set by the industry governing body, and act accordingly. Currently, the rules are a moving target and seem to be changing daily. Right now, it is part of my new responsibility to help clients, family, guests and vendors stay as safe as possible.


During the initial consultation, (because of the pandemic) I always discuss non-traditional options for events. There are so many new cool things that can be done as an option, instead of a large gathering.

Why do I need an event planner?

To ensure that the desires of the clients are fully executed. To develop a course of action that produces an event which will run smoothly and beautifully. Working with an event planner ensures that the client will enjoy their special occasion and the function is worry-free. 


The planner becomes the voice of the client; the liaison to the vendors, the problem solver, the negotiator and the “best friend.” When planned and designed well, all the client has to do is show up, smile, relax, be beautiful and enjoy their special day. 

Do you do consultations?

Absolutely! ALWAYS at the beginning, so expectations on both sides are clear AND throughout the planning process, so there is an assurance that desires are being met and adjustments can be made. 

Twenty plus years of experience and working with some of the best vendors gives me an edge to be able to choose a vendor that has a personality and service that fits with the clients.  Things are so much more fun and easy personalities mesh together. 

The client can ABSOLUTELY suggest, recommend or pre-select their own vendors. However, I will set up a time to meet with the vendor to get an idea of how they work, what services they provide and outline all expectations that align with the desires of the client and the details of the event.

How do you pick your vendors? Do I have to use them?

In a perfect world, 1 year before is a good time, however I have planned events 6-9 months before. It’s a little more labor intensive, but it can be done.

How far ahead should I book your services?

What are some services you don't provide?

I have a FULL SERVICE event management company, so I don’t offer Day of Services.


I am a stickler for perfecting details and it’s harder to execute plans that has already been set in motion.


History has shown that almost every time, following the initial consultation meeting, the client ends up using our Full Services.

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